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Do the Crazy Villas have a swimming pool?

Our Crazy Villas are all equipped with a heated swimming pool, so that you can best celebrate your moments with friends or colleagues.

Thanks to their swimming pools, the villas are the ideal place to celebrate your birthday, organize an off-site or a stag party less than 2 hours from Paris.

Crazy Villa La Bergerie
Crazy Villa La Ramenerie
Crazy Villa Les Champs Corons
Crazy Villa L'Ecottay
Crazy Villa Le Radar
Crazy Villa La Grande Ricardiere
Crazy Villa Luigny

What are the opening dates of the swimming pools? Is the swimming pool heated?

The pools of our Crazy Villas are all heated, indoor or outdoor.

The outdoor pools are generally accessible from April until October, depending on the weather. The indoor pools are accessible and heated all year round.

For our outdoor pools, the outdoor temperature must be permanently above 10 °C to trigger our heat pumps.

With the right weather, the water in our swimming pools will have a temperature between 26 ° and 28 °.

What are the check-in / out times? Are they flexible?

Our   Crazy Villas are all less than 2 hours from Paris, so arrivals are usually between 5 PM and PM

Check-outs are until 11 AM on weekdays and until 6 PM on Sundays (to let you party till the end). We are relatively flexible about check-in / check-out times, but always inform us in advance. Our goal is that you have the best weekend with your friends! You can read the Crazy Villas GTC Here

How much will I pay to add one person to the group? Can we add one last person before the stay?

Our booking prices change seasonally and by villa, and the base price covers up to 16 guests. Beyond that, it will be necessary to add 25 € per person and per night.

We prepare the beds in advance, depending on the number of expected clients. While you can add people until you arrive, it is best to let us know your room allocation preferences at least one week before your arrival.

COVID-19: What are the cancellation and refund terms in the event of a lock-down?

Faced with the current health situation, we will refund our customers for all reservations canceled in the event of a national lock-down.

You also have the choice to change your reservation for other dates, under the same conditions (same season, same price, same duration), using the previously paid balance (voucher)

In the event of a curfew, we are flexible about check-in / out times, and therefore invite you to notify us as soon as possible.

You can read the Crazy Villas GTC Here

We ask you to respect the barrier gestures inside and outside our houses: more information HERE

COVID-19: Do you have a protocol in place in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our villas are fully private places. That said, COVID-19 does not differentiate between public roads and private places.

We ask you to respect the barrier gestures inside and outside our houses: more information HERE

Are household linen provided?

The service is of the same quality in all our Crazy Villas, for all our customers: whether for a team building weekend, a stag party or a birthday, the household linen is always provided by us (sheets, pillowcases, bathroom mats, towels, toiletries, shower gel and shampoo, kitchen towels, etc..).

We do not provide pool towels.

Vous pouvez lire les CGV de Crazy Villas ICI

Do you have wifi on site?

Whether it's for partying or for a seminar / off-site, all our villas are equipped with an ADSL or 4G wifi box, so you can stay connected and even work remotely.

Is it possible to access the Crazy Villas by public transport?

The concept of Crazy Villas is to allow our clients to celebrate their event in a house less than 2 hours from Paris. All of our villas are accessible by public transport (usually the TER), although it may sometimes be necessary to add travel time by car (up to 25 minutes) depending on the location of the villa.

Click  HERE to search the map of our villas !

What are the nearest shops and supermarkets?

Our Crazy Villas are in the countryside, far from homes to allow you to have a good party and celebrate your birthday or your bachelorette party without disturbing the neighborhood.

However, there is always a supermarket within 15-20 minutes by car in neighboring towns, as well as a few shops (bakery, butcher, small grocery store ...).

Please, contact us in order to receive the little PDF guide we prepared for you :)

Is the kitchen suitable for making meals for a large group (enough crockery and tools)?

A good party often starts with a good dinner! Our kitchens are fully equipped to make good meals with friends: pots, pans… and crockery for 36 people! A BBQ is also available in all our villas, as well as a shaker and an ice maker for the rest of the evening ;) We also have raclette machines!

Are charcoal and fire lighters provided for the barbecue?

The barbecue is essential for a good weekend with friends or a successful seminar / offsite!

It is of course available in all of our villas, however charcoal and fire lighters are not provided, although some may remain from previous stays.

Is there a dining room &/or and playroom big enough for everyone?

Our Crazy Villas have all been designed to be able to host large teams and groups! With family, friends or colleagues, it is possible (even encouraged!) to dine and play together in the living / dining room (add garden tables if necessary!!) and celebrate a good time with friends and family.

You can also eat and relax with 30 people outside on the terraces (in front of the swimming pools, outside) thanks to the garden tables and chairs.

Crazy Villa Radar
Crazy Villa Etisseaux
Crazy Villa Grande Ricardiere
Crazy Villa la Grande Ricardiere
Crazy Villa Champs Corons

What equipment is available for the music?

The concept of Crazy Villas is to put you in the best conditions to celebrate your birthday, celebrate an event, or enjoy your stag / hen party with friends. $

Our villas are all equipped with bluetooth speakers, making it possible to host a good evening with friends or colleagues.

However, it is forbidden to use the speakers outside (except for these Crazy Villas: RADAR , ETISSEAUX, RICARDIERE, CHAMPS CORONS. To sum up:

  • Indoors you can use the speakers provided for your evenings, without any particular restriction as long as the doors and windows remain closed. The position and power of our speaker has been designed not to disturb the neighbourhood and allow you to have a great evening :)
  • Outside you can have lunch, have a drink, dinner, enjoy the swimming pool ... but no music or microphones, day and night! The sound volume outside must be limited to 70 Db (noise of a passing car) not to disturb the neighbours.

Respecting our neighbours, even though they are far away, is a priority for us! We have therefore put in place a certain number of precise rules so that everyone has a pleasant stay: A sensor from our partner Roomonitor alerts us if the 70 Db is exceeded outdoors. This allows us to quickly notify you before the neighbours call law enforcement and ruin your stay.

You will also find a decibel meter which informs you live of the sound volume and allows everyone to be aware of any nuisance caused outside. It is therefore forbidden to bring your own speakers or microphone to put sound outside ... except the small waterproof 3W JBL for a chill atmosphere at the pool;)

Do not hesitate to consult our other villas, all of which do not have the same outdoor restrictions:  RADAR , ETISSEAUX, RICARDIERE, CHAMPS CORONS, and/or think of our villas with indoor swimming pool Villas , where reasonably sized speakers are installed indoors around the pool!

You can read the CTG of Crazy Villas HERE and our little study on noise HERE

What are the games and activities available in the villas?

You can play pétanque, ping-pong, football and volleyball, basket in all the gardens of our Crazy Villas! Balloons & rackets are provided.

Some of our houses also have a sports court (urban courts): the perfect place to challenge your friends or colleagues, especially during birthdays or bachelor parties! ;)

However, we cannot guarantee that the equipment is always in perfect condition, as that also depends on how it was used by previous groups.

Pumps are available for you in order to inflate the equipment.

Inside, our Crazy Villas are equipped with board games (Uno, Monopoly, Blanc Manger Coco…), card games (poker, tarot…) and video games (Nintendo Switch or Playstation, and for some villas arcade terminals! )

Enough to liven up your evenings with friends and enjoy our house for a weekend less than 2 hours from Paris!

What type of coffee machine do you have?

At Crazy Villas, we think of both our clients who work, in seminars or an offsite less than 2 hours from Paris, but also of those who may have difficulties waking up after partying all night long.

We have therefore installed 2 coffee machines in each villa:

  • One Nespresso (capsules)
  • One standard filter machine 

We leave it to you to bring your coffee, filters &/or capsules.

What are the activities to do in the surroundings? Are there historical places to visit or beautiful walks to do?

Our villas are located less than 2 hours from Paris all over France, so there are unique activities around each house! Cultural tours, paintball, walks, karting, games, wine tastings ... whether you are with friends, colleagues or family, there is everything you need to make the most of your weekend!

Please do not hesitate to ask us for information once your villa has been booked:

What are the conditions for a wedding in a Crazy Villa?

The Crazy Villas are ideal for celebrating a wedding in the countryside, in a villa less than 2 hours from Paris.

You can bring the food/drinks you want and ask the caterer of your choice.

We work with a few local partners, please do not hesitate to ask us for information once your villa has been booked:

Can we use the available outdoor space to rent inflatables?

The Crazy Villas each have a garden of at least 1 hectare, so you can use them as you wish as long as they don't damage the grounds.

Can we close the swimming pool if necessary?

In our Crazy Villas, we also think of family celebrations. Children are welcome and our pools may be closed. An alarm is also present for children. Please, ask more informations to our housekeeper :)

Do you have baby chairs - baby beds?

Unfortunately, we do not have at the moment. Of course, feel free to bring anything you might need for your babies :)

Do you have any wine / beer glasses?

No need for disposable cups! The Crazy Villas are suitable for all types of festive events, such as birthdays or stag parties. We equip them with unbreakable wine glasses and unbreakable beer/cocktail cups.

Are there umbrellas and beach chairs?

There are umbrellas and around 10 beach chairs in each villa

Do you have a bedroom on the first floor? Are the villas accessible to people with disabilities? 

In all our villas, at least one bedroom will always be on the first floor. Unfortunately, our villas are not equipped for people with disabilities.

How many people can you host in your villas?

Our crazy villas have been designed to host big groups. You can invite all your family and friends !! We can host up to 30 people in our villas.

Can we make as much noise as we want?

All our villas are isolated, and located between 150 meters and 2km (yes, 2km :) ) from the first neighbours. However, the distance is not enough for any noise to be possible in the villas. HERE, we explain how it works and why there are still limits.

In some houses, those for which there is no obstacle (such as a thick wall for example or a forest) between you and the first neighbor, we ask you to maintain a noise level below 70 decibels at the level of the house. This allows you to be able to have lunch or dinner outside, as well as to do outdoor activities. On the other hand, microphones and speakers outside are not allowed. Apart from the little speakers who will accompany your chill atmosphere at the pool :)

This rule is particularly important for the following Crazy Villas: Bergerie, Luigny, Ecottay, Ramenerie.

These villas are oriented towards the neighbors, unobstructed to reduce noise, which is why special care must be taken.

Do not hesitate to consult our other villas, all of which do not have the same outdoor restrictions:  RADAR , ETISSEAUX, RICARDIERE, CHAMPS CORONS, and/or think of our villas with indoor swimming pool Villas , where reasonably sized speakers are installed indoors around the pool!

However, be careful not to overdo it either: it is not possible to organise a rave party :p

As for indoor noise, as long as the windows and doors are closed, you can fully use the speakers we provide in the house, and party.

However, you must stay below 110 decibels (which corresponds to an evening in a nightclub!).

Are animals accepted?

Yes, animals are accepted. 

How can I send a booking request?

You can book directly on our website or ask a quote:

Are the villas availability updated regularly?

Yes, our calendar is always up to date. 

What is the security deposit?

Before your arrival you will be asked for a deposit of 1000€ (2000€ for students). Is a credit card print (not a payment) done via our partner SWIKLY.

The security deposit is fully refundable within (14) days of departure, provided the following provisions are met:

No damage is done to the property or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear ;
No damage incurred due to illegal activity, due to animals and that the paid services rendered during the stay are well paid ;
All debris, waste and rubbish are placed in a dumpster according to the house rules, and the dishes clean or in the dishwasher ;
All keys are left in the secure box ;
None of the linens or towels are lost or damaged ;
The tenant has not been evicted by the landlord (or landlord's representative) or by local law enforcement ;

Can we smoke inside the villas?

No. Smoking is only allowed OUTSIDE our properties.