Crazy Villas GTC

Crazy Villas general terms and conditions

The website offers to its user access to the information available at the time of connection. These general and specific conditions apply to all properties managed by CRAZY VILLAS SAS.

By contracting online, the customer declares to accept the following general conditions.The validation by the customer of his order, implies acceptance of these general and specific conditions fully and without reservation.

The data recorded by CRAZY VILLAS on the site constitute proof of all transactions between it and its customers. The data recorded by the payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions. Acceptance of cookies may be essential for any reservation on the site


The prices indicated have been established on the basis of the economic situation in force on the date of your reservation. CRAZY VILLAS reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Stays are all billed on the basis of the rates in effect at the time the reservation is made. Prices are inclusive of all taxes and are expressed in Euros. They are per accommodation and per night, unless otherwise indicated.

Our offer and our prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site. Any order, whatever its origin, is payable in Euros. Crazy Villas reserve the right to add the amount of services that you could have requested before the date of your stay.

Any additional person added to the reservation after prior agreement of the customer success team will incur a supplement of 25 € per person per night.
Rates are calculated for stays of 2 nights minimum on weekends and 1 night minimum on weekdays.

The rental rate covers:

Cleaning before rental;
Sheets and towels changed weekly;
Cleaning and maintenance of the swimming pool before rental;
Hot water;

The rental rate does not cover additional services / charges:

Additional people: 25 € / person / night. This supplement is calculated according to the beds prepared for the enteritis of the stay.
Additional cleaning: 20 € / hour. The reservation price includes 10 hours of cleaning. If the customer leaves the property in poor condition, additional hours will be charged.
Additional change of sheets and towels: 10 € / person

2.Reservation and payment:

Online payment is secure. Payment for your purchases is made by credit card directly on or other online rental and reservation sites. CB, Visa, Mastercard are accepted. Rechargeable prepaid cards or digital cards are refused. If the customer wishes to make the payment for his stay by another means of payment (transfer, or other bank card), he/she must directly inform the customer success team of CRAZY VILLAS so that other conditions can be agreed. In this case, no reservation will be effective before receipt of the agreed payment. For any reservation made through another rental and online reservation site, the validation of the reservation by our services implies full adherence to these T & Cs.

A deposit equal to 30% of the rental price (excluding cleaning and tourist tax) is required when booking. The balance of the rental must be paid 30 days before the date of arrival. Otherwise, the 30th day before the date of arrival, CRAZY VILLA reserves the right to cancel the reservation, and the deposit will not be refunded.

3. Tourist tax:

The tourist tax is included in the rates. Its amount is set by the government which has instructed CRAZY VILLAS to collect it from customers for each night of the stay.

4.Modifications of essential elements of the reservation by CRAZY VILLAS:

If before the start of the stay CRAZY VILLAS is forced to make a modification to one of the essential elements of the contract, the customer may, after having been informed:

Either terminate his contract and obtain immediate refund of the sums paid without penalty;
Or accept the modification proposed by the seller;

CRAZY VILLAS reserves the right to modify the check-in and check-out times up to 48 hours before booking.

A written exchange specifying the modifications made will then be sent to the customer. All price reductions are deducted from any sums still owed by the customer and, if the payment already made by the latter exceeds the price of the modified service, the excess will be returned to the customer.

In the event of illegal or harmful activities in terms of the neighbourhood (lack of hygiene, noise pollution, aggressiveness, etc.), after verification in order to remove any doubts (identities, visits to the premises, viewing of video surveillance), CRAZY VILLAS reserves the right to cancel the stay and the customer will be evicted. In this specific case, no refund of the sums paid will be made. Any official complaint must then be filed to the head office of CRAZY VILLAS (8 Rue du Faubourg Poissonniere, 75010 Paris) or to the competent courts (art 17).

In case of physical resistance, law enforcement will be informed and the customer will be evicted. Law enforcement will then fine and persecute the customer. 

5. Modification of essential elements of the reservation by the customer:

As soon as the reservation is confirmed, no modification is possible.

To change dates:

Notice received more than 30 days from the date of arrival: 30% of the total amount of the old reservation + new reservation rate to be paid according to the GTC;
Notice received less than 30 days from the date of arrival: 100% of the total amount of the old reservation + new reservation rate to be paid according to the GTC;

The customer may request the cancellation of the original reservation which will be subject to the cancellation conditions set out in paragraph 6.

Any reduction in the number of participants / beds must be communicated at least 2 weeks in advance by email to

6.Cancellation conditions:

Any cancellation must be notified in writing to Crazy Villas by a signed and registered mail to head office: 8 Rue Du Faubourg Poissonniere, 75010 Paris and by email:

In the event of cancellation:

Notice received more than 30 days from the date of arrival: 30% of the total amount of the reservation will be lost;
Notice received less than 30 days from the date of arrival: 100% of the total amount of the reservation will be lost;

No refund can be made if the customer does not appear at the times and places mentioned on this contract.

CRAZY VILLAS exceptionally reserves the right to cancel a reservation within 30 days of the stay for any reason. In this case, the customer's card will be fully re-credited.

CRAZY VILLAS reserves the right to cancel any rental from a client with whom there is a payment dispute, a doubt as to his solvency, his honesty, his identity, his right to use the means of payment offered, the potentiality of a behavior that risks annoying other occupants or carrying out an illegal activity in the premises, without the latter being able to claim any compensation for any reason whatsoever.

7.Cancellation for reasons of force majeure:

In the event that, for reasons of force majeure, and in particular in the event of national lock-dow declared by the health authorities, the rental cannot take place, the rental will be canceled and the sums paid by the customers will be fully refunded.

Date changes are also possible. Additional costs are to be expected in case of a change of season and/or number of participants.

8.Deposit / Guarantee:

Before your arrival you will be asked for a deposit. Is a print (not a payment) done via our partner SWIKLY. The security deposit is fully refundable within (14) days of departure, provided the following provisions are met:

No damage is done to the property or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear ;
No damage incurred due to illegal activity, due to animals and that the paid services rendered during the stay are well paid ;
All debris, waste and rubbish are placed in a dumpster according to the house rules, and the dishes clean or in the dishwasher ;
All keys are left in the secure box ;
None of the linens or towels are lost or damaged ;
The tenant has not been evicted by the landlord (or landlord's representative) or by local law enforcement ;

You are responsible for damage caused by improper use of the villa and the payment of repairs or replacement of damaged items will be your responsibility, they will be deducted in priority from the deposit and invoiced in addition if the amount of the deposit is insufficient or in excess.

CRAZY VILLAS reserves the right to cash in 100% of the deposit in the event of breach of the GTC.

All complaints must be made by email to:

The steward is at your disposal in case of need and / or emergency throughout your stay.
That said, in the event of false alarms, and / or roomonitor alerts, and / or following a call from neighbours and / or the intervention of the police, we will be obliged to take 300 € from your deposit in order to to refund travel costs.

Crazy Villas reserves the right to cash all or part of the deposit if one or more of the following situations occur:

Breach of the GTC
Breach of the rental agreement
False alarm
Inability to reach tenants following roomonitor alerts
Inability to reach tenants following alerts from our neighbors
Impossibility of reaching the tenants following the intervention of law enforcement
Inventory missing or incomplete


In the event of a booking made fraudulently, all amounts that have not been actually paid may not be deducted from the normal amount of the rental.Crazy Villas reserves the right to inform the competent authorities in case of suspected fraude.

10.State of the premises and inventory:

The furnished accommodation is fully equipped with crockery, cutlery, bedding, linens and towels, and household appliances. It is expressly forbidden to use the beds without the sheets. Controls can be carried out in the presence of the customer, or digitally. The customer must carry out and approve the inventory via an electronic signature when entering the premises or by signing the inventory with the housekeepers. The inventory must be completed, signed and sent a maximum of 1 hour after check-in. CRAZY VILLAS reserves the right to cash in the entire deposit in the event of a missing inventory.


All furnished accommodation presented to customers comply with French safety standards and is regularly checked. The properties are equipped for short stays.
The description systematically specifies the maximum number of beds for each rental. The accommodation may in no case be occupied by a number greater than that indicated on the site and on the reservation agreement.

12.Swimming Pool:

The swimming pools are unsupervised. We decline all responsibility in the event of an accident. (Pay attention to children).
A children alarm is in place: if necessary, ask the housekeeper to activate it. 

If the villa is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, we cannot predict the practicability of the swimming pool and the water temperature. Practicability is strongly correlated with the weather. Our heat pumps will be active from the first week of April until the last week of October, and we do our best to keep the pool as hot as possible.


The responsibility of CRAZY VILLAS can not be engaged in the event of damage or theft of personal effects both in the villas and in the common areas.

CRAZY VILLAS cannot be held responsible for fortuitous cases of force majeure, disturbances caused by climatic phenomena, or nuisance that disrupt, interrupt or prevent the stay. Any stay that we would be obliged to cancel - entirely or partially - will involve the refund of the sums paid by the customer in full or in proportion without the latter being able to claim any additional compensation.

In the event of noise pollution observed by the ROOMONITOR sensors or by law enforcement, CRAZY VILLAS will be obliged to cancel the stay. In the event of eviction and / or law enforcement's issues, the customer will not be able to claim compensatory indemnity or refund.

CRAZY VILLAS reserves the right to cash in 100% of the deposit in the event of breach of the GTC.

Any stay interrupted by the customer, for any reason whatsoever, will not be refunded.

Minors under the age of 18 are under the sole and complete responsibility of their parents for the duration of their stay without any other agreement.

Customers are strictly prohibited from entering areas marked as reserved for staff. If customers venture there, it will be exclusively at their own risk, CRAZY VILLAS therefore disclaiming any liability.

14. Complaints:

Any complaint during the customer's stay must be reported immediately to CRAZY VILLAS customer success team in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

If the problem encountered could not be resolved immediately, the customer should send a detailed complaint in writing as soon as possible so that the operations manager can find a solution. The customer will not be able to claim any compensation in the event of urgent repairs to be carried out during his stay inside the accommodation.

SMS complaints will not be taken into account by the operations manager;
Complaints made to the housekeepers will not be taken into account by the operations manager;


Pets are accepted with prior approval. Pet owners are responsible for their pets and are committed to cleaning up their pet's droppings. Pets are not allowed on the sofas and various furniture and in the swimming pool.

Any traces of pets on the furniture or in the swimming pool may incur additional cleaning costs.

Animals should be up to date on rabies vaccination and all other vaccinations. All pets must be treated for fleas and ticks three (3) days prior to arrival. All of the above are the sole responsibility of the pet owner.

CRAZY VILLAS will not be responsible for any illness or injury that may occur to humans or pets during the rental period.

16.Additional information:

Internet access is possible and free in our properties. WIFI connection is present in all accommodations.

For your safety, our establishments can be under video surveillance. The records relate only to the accesses and the exterior courtyard and are kept for 10 days, unless there is a particular problem.


DO NOT DISCARD: Paper, wipes, sanitary towels etc. in the toilets. A trash can is at your disposal in each WC. If it is found that something has been thrown in and is obstructing the drainage system, you may be liable for the costs incurred in unclogging the drains.

In the event of strong thunderstorms, there may be earthworms on football or volleyball fields;
In the event of strong thunderstorms, there may be network / internet incidents;
In case of strong thunderstorms, we could not guarantee the mowing of lawns;

Our villas are isolated (in the countryside), some rooms can be damp (mainly those near the attic).

Each Crazy Villas is equipped on the outside with a Roomonitor noise sensor. The sensor is responsible for analyzing the noise level, and providing statistics to protect customers, neighbors, and prevent noise pollution. 

Music and noise outside are strictly prohibited in our homes. CRAZY VILLAS reserves the right to cash in 100% of the deposit in the event of breach of GTC.

Prohibition to install your own sound equipment: no speakers, no microphone. CRAZY VILLAS reserves the right to cash 100% of the deposit in the event of breach of GTC.

Ban on partying and installing speakers outside: the sound spreads very quickly in the countryside. Thank you for respecting the neighbors!


Our photos and plans are not contractual.

18. Competent court:

The parties expressly attribute jurisdiction to the Courts of First or Grand Instance of PARIS.

19. Written exception:

Any exceptions to the above policies must be approved in writing in advance.
We recommend that you take out travel insurance for your stay. We recommend Trustiway! 

More information will be shared 10 days before arrival.

Thank you for choosing our villa for your stay.

We hope you have a pleasant stay!