Understand everything about noise in our Crazy Villas

Tout comprendre sur le bruit dans les Crazy Villas

Relative isolation of Crazy Villas:

All our villas are isolated, and located between 150 meters and 2km (yes yes 2km :)) from the first neighbours. However, the distance is not enough for any noise to be possible in the villas. Here, we explain how it works and why there are still limits.

A short physics lesson on noise propagation:

Noise travels in all directions from the source (that's you!). The distance helps reduce noise, reducing 6 decibels for every doubling of distance.

For example, if at 10 meters from the source we record 90 decibels, at 20 meters, we will record 84 decibels, and therefore at 320 meters (this is the average distance from our first neighbours), we will record 60 decibels, it is the sound of a washing machine.

And frankly, we understand that our neighbours, in the countryside, do not want to have the impression that a washing machine is running continuously: D

Noise outside in our Crazy Villas:

In some houses, those for which there is no obstacle (such as a thick wall or a forest) between you and the first neighbour, we ask you to maintain a decibel level below 70 decibels at the level of the house. , outdoors, day and night. This allows you to be able to have lunch or dinner outside, as well as to do outdoor activities. On the other hand, microphones and speakers outside are not allowed. Apart from the little JBL for families who will accompany your chill atmosphere at the pool :)

This rule is particularly important for the following Crazy Villas: Bergerie, Luigny, Ecottay, Ramenerie.

These villas are oriented towards the neighbors, unobstructed to reduce noise, which is why special care must be taken.

Do not hesitate to check our other villas, all of which do not have the same outdoor restrictions:  RADAR , ETISSEAUX, RICARDIERE, CHAMPS CORONS, and/or think of our villas with indoor swimming pool Villas , where reasonably sized speakers are installed indoors around the pool!

Noise indoors in our Crazy Villas:

As for indoor noise, as long as the windows and doors are closed, you can fully use the speakers we provide in homes, and party. However, you must stay below 110 decibels (which corresponds to an evening in a nightclub!).

How to protect yourself and our neighbours?

In most of the Crazy Villas we have installed the boxes of our partner Roomonitor (all the useful information is available here: https://roomonitor.com/fr/) which allow us to alert you if the noise is too high and also avoid the intervention of law enforcement in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day (the noise rules are valid day and night contrary to popular belief!) which would spoil your stay ... and our relations with the neighbourhood, the town hall, the local authorities, the region, ... in short, which would ruin our concept and our efforts to develop friendly and respectful local tourism.

Important point: Roomonitor does NOT record your conversations! This is a noise detector, not a CIA spy;) There is no recording, just sound volume measurements.


If the box records several 70 Db exceedances over 7 consecutive minutes, we are alerted and we notify you immediately by telephone. In the event of a recurrence, our housekeeper will come to understand what is going on in the house. At the 3rd warning we will be forced to let the law enforcement intervene and you risk eviction and a fine :(

We may also have to keep all or part of your deposit of 1000 € in order to compensate our neighbours and / or to settle a possible fine. Everything is detailed in our GTC

Example of warning and correction of noise pollution:

As you can see on this graph a group of customers let loose a bit on a Saturday afternoon! Roomonitor did the job, we were informed and were able to ask customers to turn down the sound BEFORE the neighbours fart a cable and call the police ... everything else went well and everything is back to normal :)

Read our GTC